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Top 10 Tips for Success at the Mega Mommy Sale

Shot of a mother packing toys away while her son sits in the background
  1. Start gathering your sale items now! Pick a space in your home where you can sort, clean and tag your stuff.
  2. Go through closets, toy boxes, book shelves, the garage, basement and even the back yard. Collect toys, books, clothes, shoes, puzzles, DVDs, video games and other items that your children no longer use.  
  3. Start hoarding hangers. Most stores remove hangers but some will let you keep them if you ask. Clothes looks better and are easier for shoppers to go through when they are hung, so consider an inexpensive hanging rack for your space.
  4. Price before you come to the sale. Start collecting supplies like card stock, pins, packing tape, stickers etc and price your items as you sort and inspect.
  5. If you are selling a bed, make the bed and take a picture of it before you take the bedding off. Assemble larger toy sets and snap a photo of it. Print the photo and tape it to the package. This is a great way to show shoppers that everything's complete and in great condition.
  6. A little elbow grease goes long way. Use a magic eraser to clean up toys and baby gear. Take the time to vacuum and clean up your items. It can be the difference in getting paid for something or taking it back home.
  7. Presentation counts. A few minutes in the dryer, clipping off loose threads, button the bottoms, zip zippers, cleaning the soles of shoes will go a long way to helping you move a prospective buyer from maybe to yes!
  8. Books, baby gear, games and toys are all big sellers. Birthdays and Christmas have probably left you overrun with "forgotten" toys that rarely get attention. Be brutal in your toy gathering and sell anything your kids haven't touched in the last 6 months.
  9. Bundle and create sets. Hang matching size and brands together as a set. Pin accessories like hair bands and bows onto the bundle.
  10. Make sure you have starting money to make change. We will not be able to make change for you. Have a selection of 10s, 5s, 1s and a roll of quarters to start your day.